The body undergoes extreme cold temperatures for a few minutes, the objective being to create a thermal shock which generates vasoconstriction and stimulation of the thermal receivers of the dermis.

What the patient will feel :

During the session, the patient feels the cold and the reactions of his body to this exposure and the extreme temperatures of -80°C which cause a thermal shock, but these very low temperatures are born with no problems as the cold inside the chamber is dry.

Once the session has ended, there is an immediate feeling of wellbeing. Any fatigue or pain disappear.
The results are surprising for most sportsmen and can seem quite astounding for patients with chronic pain.
The beneficial effects last from 2 to 6 hours after a session. An ongoing and longer lasting effect is observed if the sessions are repeated over several weeks, in particular for pain relief.

Progress of a session:

The patient, wearing a swimsuit, stays in the chamber at minus 80°C for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on his tolerance threshold.

His extremities are protected by gloves, slippers, ear protection and head. The respiratory upper tract is protected by a mask.

The patient is under permanent visual and audio surveillance by the practitioner.

During the session and later, the cutaneous temperature quickly falls to reach 15°C, instead of the usual 33°C. This is caused by a thermal shock which provokes a superficial vasoconstriction and a slowing down of the nervous conduction. The internal temperature undergoes a very slight variation immediately after the session (0,63°C), it returns to normal within 5 minutes.

A preliminary medical examination and informed consent by the patient are advisable to verify that there are no contra-indications for this type of cryotherapy.
(A doctor's certificate is downloadable on the home page)

Appropriate precautions:

No shower less than half an hour before the session

No sport less than half an hour before the session

No wet swimsuit

No jewels, piercing, hairclips

No ocular lenses

No open wounds

Possible protection of an isolated zone sensitive to the cold.

Cryospace security:

Inside the Cryospace, the patient is in perfect security. An emergency stop enables the device to be stopped immediately if necessary. In this case, a battery maintains the elementary functions active for a minimum of 10 minutes (lights, audio and video systems).


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