Physiological Effects

Just "physio"

The pulmonary alveoli are irrigated by blood microvessels in there the red cells circulate and they are responsible of oxygen capture and transport

If the oxygen are less, the red cells have some difficults to catch it and the blood aren't oxygenated. We call this reaction : Hypoxy

Body adaptation

Stratégy #1

By increasing the fluidity and the speed in gas exchange at the alveoli and organs 

It also develops some blood microvessels in the muscles in order to ensure an optimal perfusion

Those actions are going to change what is called "VO2 max"

This is the oxygen maximum flow consumed during physical effort, that is, the maximum volume of oxygen is taken at the lungs and used by the muscles per time

Stratégy #2

When the blood, depleted of oxygen,  arrive at the kidney,

erythropoietin (better known as EPO) is secreted to compensate for the lack of oxygen

This hormone is totally natural in our bodies and it can be doping only when this hormone is synthesized by laboratory and/or when is being administered

The EPO is a messenger who acts on the bone marrow, by stimulating it, to create more blood cells, in particular those red blood cells

When the amount of red blood cells increase in the bodies, their content at the pulmonary alveoli increase too. So, those alveoli can absorb more oxygen

Our Method

In the standard conditions (altitude below 1000m) the amount of oxygen inhaled is normal, but the red blood cells concentration and VO2 max are high

A large amount of gas is consumed and the exchanges with organs and muscles are more flowing. They can use more energy and become more effective

To interact with the EPO concentration, 2-3 weeks in altitude is required.  Our programs of hypoxy with or without effort can't do that, because the program sessions are between 30 minutes and 1 hour

We work on the VO2 max by increasing it

Result : improved endurance, better breath and well-being

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