Physiological Effects

During the session

We will speak about effects consequent to this type of exposure (extreme cold) lasting only 3 minutes and not about effects caused by long exposure.

​The average temperature of the skin is around 30°C. During the 3 minutes of a session at -80°C, it decreases quickly in a significant way to reach 15°C. Skin is the first organ in contact and thus stimulated by the cold. 

In consequence : 

the metabolism uses different mechanisms (nervous, vascular, endocrine) to conserve the core body temperature of 37°C and thus protect the vital organs

Effects due to the Thermal Shock

Suppression of the nerve fibres

There are several types of sub-dermal nerve fibres. Those which interest us are "A delta fibres" and “C fibres"

“A delta fibres“ pass on mechanical and thermal information. They are responsible for the first sensations caused by a specific painful phenomenon: " Ouch ! That pricks !"

“C fibres” pass on pain, such as a burn. The pain is not felt immediately, and the feeling is more diffuse and longer lasting

Vasoconstriction of small sub-dermal blood vessels and shive

  • The exchanges between the nuclei and the extremities are limited, because blood is no longer circulating as freely in the peripheries (skin, hands, feet, ears) which is directly in contact with the cold

  • The blood volume is redistributed towards the central organs and the muscles

  • The shivering is caused by muscular contractions without any movement, all the energy that is produced is translated into heat

  • Thanks to the increased muscular perfusion: cells have a better supply in oxygen and other elements necessary for their contraction. The produced heat (the hotter blood flowing out of the muscles) can be driven towards the vital organs

  • Cryotherapy in the form of cure (several sessions) allows a better vascularization of the skeletal muscles

A decrease of the production of muscular proteins and micro-lesions (action anti-inflammatory)

  • Unaccustomed and vigorous exercise causes damage in the skeletal muscular tissue

  • Some damage has been observed : micro lesions of the muscular fibre, inflammation of connective tissues, a prolonged reduction in muscular strength and in the amplitude of movement, and an increase in the appearance of muscular proteins in the blood (Prostaglandins and Creatine Kinases) those affect the ends of the afferent nerves in the muscles and increases the perception of the pain

Sympathetic stimulation and neuro-endocrine reactions

  • The sympathetic nervous system transmits the information from the skin to the brain

  • Once stimulated, this will enable the secretion of noradrenaline: "the wellbeing hormone». The increase the plasma level infers a general wellbeing, decreases the depressive syndrome and sleeping disorders

Decrease in inflammatory reactions

  • Recommanded for chronic pathologies such as multiple sclerosis, polyarthritis, fibromyalgia....

  • Or skin problems, such as the eczema

Increase in the basic consumption of calories

  • During the shivering, the metabolism burns calories stocked in the fat cells largely in order to produce some heat and stay at a good temperature

  • With regular sessions and as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle it can help you lose weight

Smoothing of the skin

The cold tightens the cutaneous pores, the skin is clearer and the ageing process is slowed down

Draining effect

Increase of the blood oxygenation and the elimination of waste (lactate)

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