Normobaric Hypoxy Controlled

Principle of Hypoxy

In altitude, the amount of oxygen is the same above sea level, the decreasing of oxygen is related to the decreasing of atmospheric pressure​

In Hypoxy chamber, the atmospheric pressure is the same above sea level, we are going to modify the concentration of oxygen in the room to reach the desired altitude (the maximum is 6300m)

We can provide 2 methods :

- Hypoxy with effort (on a training bike or treadmills)

- Hypoxy without effort

The methods is selected according to your objectives

Those 2 methods have the same principle 


Effects aren't  instant  and require a certain number of sessions to get results

According to your objectives, we define the number of sessions you will need. 10 sessions on 5 weeks are required to ensure result

Recommended : 1 session every 2 weeks, if you want to keep the benefits of this first protocol

Also see

Physiological Effects


Counter Indications


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